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On Saturday, June 24, the AJP TOUR JACKSONVILLE INTERNATIONAL JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 – GI & NO-GI championship was held in Jacksonville.

This was the first AJP US circuit championship that, in addition to its already famous AJP GRAND SLAM MIAMI, will return to the country this year with a total of 7 events in the year and more to come in the 2024 circuit.

The event was attended by 7 Fight Sports Club athletes: Professor Joao Costa, Professor Leilani Bernales, Adolfo Suares, Kauane Ramos Da Silva, Juan Orbe, Ricardo Vazquez and Bernardita Campos. That number of athletes was enough so that at the end of the day Fight Sports Club, was placed in first place by teams. This demonstrates the commitment assumed between coaches and students to carry out the objectives.

Black belt athletes such as Professor Joao Costa, Kauane Ramos Da Silva and Adolfo Suares came to take their place on the podium of the event. Joao Costa was in the same bracket as his teammate Adolfo Suares. The 2 competitors had to fight each other for the final of the 85kg adult NO-GI black belt category. Joao finished in first place and Adolfo in second, who also competed in the adult 85 kg kimono final. After 3 difficult  matches, showing his technique and personality, he placed with 2nd place on the podium.

On the other hand, the black belt athlete Kauane Ramos Da Silva, had 2 matches in the adult black belt category -95kg GI, in both matches she won, fighting a tough final that took her to the top of the podium.

Athletes such as: Professor Leilani Bernales, Juan Orbe, Ricardo Vazquez and Bernardita Campos, also had very good performances in their respective belts and categories.

We want to congratulate all those who are part of this family, not only the athletes who traveled to compete, but each one of those who help every day in their own way so that we all continue on the same path with the mission and vision of Fight Sports Club.

Palm Sports UAE Summer camp in Miami

FIGHT SPORTS CLUB is known not only for its athletes at competition time, or for the high level of Coaches and students, but also for its traditional summer camps, where we host a large number of athletes.

In our summer camps, we focus on children learning martial arts in a fun and relaxed way, but at the same time implementing techniques, knowledge and physical activity, this makes the camp a special place for children where they can meet new friends while being introduced to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In this edition we had the joy of having children from Palm Sports UAE, who brought a delegation of children to Miami to be part of our experience. It was carried out as part of the Palm Sports UAE kids's program, to encourage and create opportunities\for children to visit other places and take unforgettable memories from the hand of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In this camp we not only share the tatame at FIGHT SPORTS CLUB, but we also took a break to get to know things about the city, such as museums, the beach and buildings that are part of the city's history.

We want to thank Palm Sport UAE for the trust in our work, always upholding the mission and vision of the academy. We feel honored to be able to promote this incredible summer camp together

Kauane Ramos Da Silva performance at WORLDS IBJJF

Every year between the end of May and the beginning of June, takes place in Long Beach, California, the most expected event for the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community, the World Jiu-Jitu IBJJF Championship.

The championship with a total of 4 days brings together the best competitors from blue belts to black belts, in the juvenile and adult categories.

As every year, FIGHT SPORTS CLUB was present at the championship; not only with top-level athletes, willing to give their all, but also with professors, friends, students and everyone who is part of the team and this family.

But this edition had something special, on the day of the brown belts our athlete Kauane Ramos Da Silva competed. With an impeccable performance and after tough fights with well-known rivals within the circuit, she managed to win first place in the adult super heavy weight brown belt division and also came first in the Absolute division. After conquering these first places, on the podium she was promoted to black belt by Professor Roberto Cyborg Abreu and Professor Joao Costa.

From FIGHTS SPORT CLUB we want to celebrate this conquest and new stage of our athlete and wish her the best in view of what is to come in her new journey as a black belt.


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